Polygon Daily: Talking about Nintendo Direct at E3 (Tue 10 June)

Welcome to Polygon Daily at E3. What is this thread? It's your daily Polygon community thread where you're given the floor to talk about your excitement related to E3, or even anything that has caught your eye over the past 24 hours. Just be sure to stick to our Community Guidelines, and a good time will be had by all parties.

Please note: This is a NO GIF thread. Please post your GIFs in the Polygon E3 GIF Collection of 2014 thread to keep this page load time (and data hogging) to a minimum for the rest of the community.

Here's the list of events happening today (PDT), all of which will be covered here on Polygon along with some other goodies:

Coming soon


Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty chows down on the PS4 June 22 by Jenna Pitcher

Sony's E3 2014 press conference in 5 minutes by Russ Frushtick

Check out the latest MGS 5: The Phantom Pain trailer directed by Hideo Kojima by Jenna Pitcher

Grand Theft Auto 5 coming to PC and Xbox One as well as PS4 this fall (update) by Samit Sarkar

Batman: Arkham Knight trailer teases Scarecrow, Batmobile driving by Megan Farokhmanesh

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End coming to PlayStation 4 in 2015 by Megan Farokhmanesh

The Last of Us Remastered comes to PS4 on July 29 by Emily Gera

Ratchet and Clank movie and 'reimagined' first game coming to PSN in the first half of 2015 by Dave Tach

'Powers' TV series coming to PlayStation this December in US by Samit Sarkar

Forza Horizon 2 headed to Xbox 360 and Xbox One this fall (update) by Dave Tach

Threes! Headed to Xbox One by Philip Kollar

Assassin's Creed Unity hits Oct. 28, pre-orders live by Tracey Lien

Killer Instinct: Season 2 hits this Fall with TJ Combo, teases Cinder by Jenna Pitcher

Sunset Overdrive hits Xbox One Oct. 28 with 8-player Chaos mode by Jenna Pitcher

Halo: The Master Chief Collection brings four Halo games to Xbox One Nov. 11 by Michael McWhertor


The Polygon GIF Collection of E3 2014 by Shaun McIlroy

Polygon Daily: Playstation Briefing Live Chat (Monday 6/9) by Shaun McIlroy

Polynauts World Cup Discussion by eurotransient

Any love for 'Ori and the Black Forest'? by RobertMerrill


Bruce didn’t win in two seconds, game is bullshit.

spookyxelectric | 8 Recommends

And that's it for today Polynauts. Tune in tomorrow for more Polygon Daily news updates. If you're looking to create a header like the one used up top, then check out the Polygon Daily header thread.

And remember however to subscribe to our @Polygon Twitter feed for all breaking news, and @Polynauts for community updates throughout the day.

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