Hanging On to the Last Generation

I've been seeing multiple comments on various sites and different media outlets posing the same question about this transitional period from the 7th to 8th console generation. Is the video game industry hanging on to the last generation too much? I'm by no means ancient when it comes to how long I've been playing video games, but I do remember seeing many of the console generations go by with some level of awareness of how developers and manufacturers handled the changes. I've noticed that Sony in particular tends to put off axing their old consoles as long as possible. Whereas Microsoft seems to have a more "out with the old, in with new" mentality of gaming. Nintendo is a little harder to peg one way or another as they have used both approaches.

I personally still have all of my old consoles (Nintendo NES, SNES, 64, GameCube, Wii; Sony PlayStation, PS2, PS3; Microsoft Xbox, 360, and Windows PC) and I'll likely keep them out of nostalgia and dust them off occasionally to scratch the itch to feel like a kid again. I talk to many people about games every day it seems and I've noticed that a large majority of the people I talk to are surprised that there's a new Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo in the market. It's like they think the 360, PS3, and Wii came out only a couple years ago (and some genuinely believe that to actually be the case) and some become irate at the thought that the video game industry might move on to newer consoles for their games. What worries me is that it seems more people are unwilling to adopt new technology than accept it (as well as vociferously complain that their old games won't play on new hardware) and it appears to me that the video game industry might take that as a cue to put off making the full transition from 7th to 8th Gen.

Perhaps I'm just paranoid about it because I bought an 8th Gen system and I've been seeing how many of my favorite game franchises have continued to support old consoles in lieu of pushing the limits on new hardware. I know we've just closed the 7th Gen stretch and we're settling into the 8th still but dozens of new titles coming out and only a handful of those are exclusive to the 8th generation. It makes me wonder if the gaming community is actually interested in moving on since so many think that the "Next-Gen" isn't as "next" as it should be. I can't help but feel like developers and publishers have their hands tied by a community that isn't ready to take the leap. Even more so, it seems like developers are damned if they do, damned if they don't when it comes to creating games for the market. 8th generation adopters are upset because games look dated and those still holding on to their 360s and PS3s are mad that publishers and developers are trying to move on.

This is just me musing... I want to know where I stand. I'm ready to kick off the next level of gaming and I guess I'm just frustrated that not everyone feels the same. Or maybe they do. I don't know. I just wanted to bounce these thoughts off of the community here and see what comes back.

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