Winners Announced: Humble 2K Bundle Contest

Contests are cool, and it's definitely a cool contest once again here on the Polygon forums. You know those Humble folks right? They're the folks who work with developers and publishers to not only let gamers name their price for cross-platform, DRM-free indie games - but they've also raised more than $30 million for charity to date... That's not too shabby at all, eh?

Well, Humble are back with a new bundle this week, the Humble 2K Bundle, and we've got ten sets of keys up for grabs here on Polygon.

Here are all the details you need to know.


The following games are included:

A DRM-free copy of Bioshock, as well as The Bureau: XCOM Declassified and The Darkness 2 if you spend $1. If you pay more than the average price during the promotion you'll also unlock Bioshock 2, Mafia 2 and Spec Ops: The Line. If you go above and beyond and go above the $20 limit you'll get a copy of Bioshock Infinite, as well as XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

For the mid-promotion additions you'll need to wait and see, however, the winners will get all of the above titles including those games as well. There's a video below where you can check out footage of all the games announced thus far.


Look at the image below. It's a wonderful image, right? Well the ten best captions (amusing, sad, poetic, FUNNY) will take home the prize. I'll be deciding along with a guest judge, I'll announce who that person is next week.


Now, you need to do the following for your entry to be valid.

Comment below with your caption. One entry per person, if you want to void your entry and re-enter you'll need to email the mod team.


This contest ends Thu 17 July, at 23:59 Pacific time. That's plenty of time to get your contest entries in.


Agreement to Official Rules: By entering the Contest, you indicate your full and unconditional agreement to, and acceptance of, (a) these Official Rules and (b) Sponsor's decisions, which are final and binding. Winning a prize is contingent upon fulfilling all requirements set forth herein. A winner is responsible for paying any applicable income taxes and any and all other costs and expenses not listed above.

Employees, independent contractors, interns, officers, directors, and agents of Sponsor, other companies associated with the Contest, the judges, as well as the immediate family members (spouse, parents, siblings, and children, and their respective spouses) and household members of any of the foregoing are not eligible to enter.

As is always the case here giveaways of products are not, and should never be considered, endorsements of the companies involved or their products as per the Polygon Ethics Statement.

You're allowed one entry, any attempts to cheat and/or make a second account will be spotted a mile off by the Polymods and you will be disqualified. But you wouldn't cheat, would you?


Sorry, that's going to have to happen to someone. But you can still be a winner by supporting charities and developers at the Humble Bundle site.


Not really, just have fun in the comments below. Talk about stuff? Go on ahead.


Here are the winners of the contest. Can you please email from the email address you have contained within your profile page. If you don't hear from me tonight (it's 5pm here) the codes will be emailed out first thing Monday.

Thanks for entering, we'll do this again sometime.

Tre L - "I’m like a Songbird, I wanna fly awaaaaay"

puzza999 - "Violinist: I swear I was good at this at some stage, how do I use this darn contraption again?"

Fenwicked -"In at least one reality, Elizabeth really is an airplane.

sirlaitier - "In the midst of their revelry, the violinist began playing the familiar strains of "The Rains of Castamere.""

Angelfire011 - "LEAKED: Just Dance 1912 will include violin detection and interpretive dance!"

Muffnman - Elizabeth: Little town // It’s a quiet village // Ev’ry day // Like the one before // Little town // Full of little people // Waking up to say:

Jazz Hands guy: Bon jour!

Lady in 1920’s swimsuit: Bon jour!

Fiddle dude: Bon jour!

Slow Clap guy: Bon jour!

Beatboxer: Bon jour!"

Jakab11 - "We greeted her with cheers and applause, hoping that she was the cobbler that we so desperately needed. She was not. We march on, shoeless and resolute."

tombones - "Hey everyone, how much do you love scripted events??" // "THIIIIS MUCH"

X41 - "they told me i could be anything so i became an airplane"

theubermod - There’s always a lighthouse. There’s always a man. There’s always a girl that’s had too much to drink.

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