Real Steel - Best Fighting Game Since Eternal Champions?

I just tried out the demo for Real Steel on PS3, a game about robots boxing each other. Robot boxing is pretty awesome.

I don't think I'll bother to get the game, since you can play most of it in the demo, but still, it's more fun than I expected. The robots are all pretty interesting. One guy has a sledgehammer for a hand, so, bonus there.


It actually has most of the same gameplay mechanics as Fight Night, if you can believe that. You can bob and weave, side step or dash forward and backwards, there are 4 punch buttons and 4 super moves per character that I know of. You can also block high or low.

This game just takes me back to a time when fighting games were simpler, and dropped all pretense of being anything but silly fun. Eternal Champions, Primal Rage, these are games I miss today. Give it a shot if you're bored, and you just might enjoy it for 10 minutes.



IGN gave the game a 3/10. Seems a little harsh if you ask me. The day I'm too cool for robot boxing is really going to be a sad day. Here's a video of some gameplay to check out.

P.S. I guess this is based on a movie? I didn't even know this movie existed. How come no one told me that Wolverine was teaching robots how to box!? This sounds AMAZING!


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