Anybody else not excited for GTA V?

So the GTA V hype train is picking up steam...and it feels like I'm the only one who's not really interested. Honestly, I've never really gotten the appeal of the GTA series. It seems like for every thing they get right, they get something MASSIVELY wrong, and nobody ever really acknowledges it.

In the GTA 3 series, they really pioneered the concept of open-world, sandbox gaming, which was great, but it seems like they did that and forgot to build an actual game inside of their sandbox. The plots of those games always left me cold, the missions were very narrow in focus and didn't allow you much leeway in how you completed them, and the driving and combat controls were horrendous.

In GTA IV, they actually addressed a lot of the problems I had with the 3 series; they tightened the controls for driving and combat (though they were still very rough in comparison to, say, the Saints Row games), they included an epic plot...but then they fucked it up by having NPCs bug me to hang out with them every five minutes. Seriously, I HATED the relationship system. It's the main reason I abandoned the game and traded it in unfinished; Nico's friends and girlfriends were like shrill-voiced Tamagotchis that insisted on pestering me when I was busy trying to shoot Russian gangsters in the face. On top of it, they abandoned the skill system from GTA San Andreas, which was actually the best innovation Rockstar came out with in the whole GTA 3 series.

Now, from what I understand, they've changed the relationship system to something better and more tolerable, but given their track record, I can't help but wonder what else Rockstar is going to mess up in turn. Funny thing is, I actually LIKE other Rockstar games. Red Dead Redemption is fantastic, and LA Noire, while flawed, was a brilliant experiment in adventure gaming. It's just GTA that continually rubs me the wrong way.

So, how about you guys? Anybody else ambivalent about the upcoming GTA V? Or am I the only one still standing on the platform, watching the hype train leave the station?

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