Worried for Sony, and the PS brand.

I really do love the Playstation brand. I love the commitment to give the best damned immersible experience outside of PC gaming. What I hate though is that the ecosystem costs to much for this economy. They can appeal to us hardcore experience people, but how do they stay in the black? I also hate that it took 5 years for a decent stream AAA exclusives to come to the platform. If the generation were to continue another 3 years, I can easily see PS winning out, which is exactly what Sony planned for. The problem with that is the market is ready for a new generation, and if you remember what happened to the PS2 after the PS3 came out, this isn't good. I also hate the fact that the PS Vita, is following the same path, but with support for primary features lacking. Everyone remember last year when the feature that caught your eye was remote play and cross-platform play? Where are those features in the AAA titles? A lot of the inclusions seem to be like Wii functionality gimmicks. Rant over...for now.

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