From one generation onto the next

In the last few weeks, a lot of articles have spurred up on the web claiming that it's time for Microsoft and Sony to release new consoles in order to get the industry moving again. No doubt, the pressure is there since Nintendo has released its new Wii U. But really, are we in that much of a hurry?

Nearing 10 years since the PS3 and 360 have been released, they still surpass the new Wii U[1]. The latter will of course have troubles keeping up with the rest of the next gen consoles when they release, but for now, it's more or less an even game. Sure, they don't cater to the same types of gamers. Nintendo is aiming at the casual, while Sony and Microsoft are shooting for the hardcore gamers. In the casual market, it's easier to try new things without getting the backlash of fans. The Wii's nunchucks and the Wii U's tablet do well in what Nintendo want's them to do. But when it comes down to the types of games often associated with hardcore gamers, at what point will there still be place for innovation? At this point in time, is the technology ready to offer something substantially better to the consumer, justifying the purchase of an expensive new console? Again, why the hurry?

Now I don't own a 360, so I won't comment too much on it. Only recently coming to the PS3 after many years of PC gaming, it is clear that much has changed since the PS2 days. Back when the PS3 was released, the PS2 was still supported for many years and games were still published for it for awhile. It was a strong, solid console, with a huge back catalogue.

Fast forward a few years, and people are proclaiming the death of console gaming. New IP's are urged to come out to keep gamer's interests. I can understand that to the person who bought a PS3 at launch might be finding the time a little long, but it can't be everybody that's in the same boat. Surely, not everyone has played all the games that are to be played?

I'll speak for myself, and give my point of view. Being a late comer to the PS3, I am thrilled by the size of the PS3's back catalogue. Not only by the sheer number of great exclusives, but also by the possibility to play classic PS1 and PS2 titles through the PS Store or HD Remakes. Having the possibility to go back and re-enjoy some of my favourite games or even to play for the first time titles I missed out on as I was younger.

As I look forward, I can still see a plethora of games yet to come. Sure, most might not be new IP's, but is it really that bad? I feel as if the PS3 is still in its prime, and has yet to show signs of age. Sony knows what it's doing, the PS1 and PS2 were anything but flops. The PS3 did well regardless of its rough start, and Sony will obviously try to do things differently next time around based on the leaked hardware specs for the PS4.

I have high hopes for the PS4, and if anything, I believe that console gaming is still strong. I'm happy with the PS3, and I don't feel the urge or need to upgrade just yet.

What's the opinion of other Polygon readers? Are you eager for the next float of consoles, or is the PS3 still fulfilling your needs?

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