PS3 Ultra Slim

I have a 2007/2008? PS3. Basically the model after the original was released. I love it to death. It only has an 80 GB drive in it though, and I don't want to jinx it but can feel it's time is almost up. I want to get a new PS3, and dislike the Slim and Ultra Slim even more. The slide loading disk tray is ridiculous.

I have an entertainment unit that makes it challenging to access so front disk loading is kind of important. What model would you get (slim / ultra?) and what size? 80 GB just isn't enough, with all the game saves of games like MGS4/Skyrim getting huge. *I could move the unit (PS3) somewhere else, and allow me to use it but slot loading is a beautiful thing :P)

Am I better off just purchasing the slim, and upgrading the HDD to say a Samsung 830 256 SSD?

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