PlayStation 4: Home

So, I've been thinking alot about the future of games. I have dreams of running through the trees, Assassin's Creed IV. I think its a healthy problem to have. Dreams. I think its very positive to look to the future, and see where our wildest dreams take us.

So, PS Home. I never really understood the idea of buying a couch in PS Home. I just thought, "Why can't I do, the same thing I do in the forums, just 24/7? Like just chat, and shoot the shit. Talk about games!, dammit. So, for PS4, I think it'd be neat if they kept Home, and added virtual dedicated rooms, to chat in. Like, there'd be a movie hall, and there you could wander into the Action room, and talk about Lethal Weapon to whoever would listen to you, or the latest Tom Cruise movie (Obilvion). We could talk about WoW, the movie, the latest expansion. Or Bungie's Destiny game! Or, whatever basically. I mean, I could just do that here. But.. I dunno, I guess its just not the same. Its not live, its not instant. I can't see a room and see who I'm talking to. I'd just like a near-future where I can, finish the latest Walking Dead Chapter, get in Home, sit down in a nice coffee shop, and talk about it. Buying an arcade machine is whatever. I just wanna hang out.

Also, what if they could build inside the PS4 disc games, a bar, and it would be a section of Home built in. I'm still thinking Assassin's Creed IV. Like you stop stabbing them bears, wander into this bar, and the game would section off maybe 4 people from PS Home. Kinda how Journey does. Or they can put a 1st person roller-coaster somewhere in Home. No one likes that stupid ferris wheel. Why can't we have like a virtual sandcastle thing, dynamic and bad-ass and all that. Minecraft-y. All that more RAM would allow for better fake laser-quest free to play games.

I dunno, what do you guys want from next gen? PS4 in general i guess..

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