Is it a good time to buy a PS3 ??

At a time when PS4 is being talked about everywhere, does buying a PS3 now make sense? I want to buy it mainly for the console exclusive games(UC trilogy and many more). So is it a good time to buy a PS3 now?? I'm getting a deal for a 160gb PS3 slim for ~220$.

i would be buying the ps4 but not at launch prices. Probably in mid 2014 or 2014 holiday season (when there is a price cut)

I'm primarily a PC gamer with a decent rig capable of running most games at max settings. I also fear after enjoying PC games at gorgeous graphics and resolutions i might not like the lower graphics capabilities of ps3 games.

So should i go for it? Please help me out people :)

P.S. This would be my first console purchase!

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