PS Move

Hey Polynauts,

So this was already discussed a bit on PD but I purchased a PS Move this week (something I'd been waiting to do for awhile and just finally pulled the trigger on). I bought this to go with it and am pretty excited:


I may or may not be VERY excited about it. I grabbed the LBP 2 bundle that comes with a motion controller and a navigation controller and picked up an extra motion controller so I can play the House of the Dead co-op with my roommate. I also already have Okami HD and Unfinished Swan waiting on my PS3 from previous purchases.

So the question is... What else should I be looking at? Someone mentioned the Time Crisis game has some value and I also have Killzone 3 sitting around which I hear might be pretty entertaining (even if it's a mediocre game) with the move controls.

What say you, Polynaut Nation?!

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