Flashback: Let's revisit the PS3 reveal from 2005

As we approach the reveal of the second, and third additions to the new generation of consoles we continue our series of flashbacks which look at the console reveals of yesteryear. Previously we looked at the reveal of the Xbox 360, which was more of a media frenzy compared to the Sony event, which focused more on the technical side.

It's fairly safe to say that Microsoft targeted their audience they wanted to attract, whereas Sony primarily targeted developers and the media. Which method paid off the most for either company? Neither really, as both were of a muchness comparatively speaking when it comes to the final sales figures. It's worth keeping in mind that sales of the Xbox were a fifth of the PlayStation 2.

To save you time here are a couple of cringeworthy, and awesome moments from the reveal to save you watching the whole event if you're short of time.

Pixel shaders: Her hair looks so incredibly soft, (and her rosy cheeks).

FFVII Technical Demo

So, now you've seen this what are your thoughts on February 20th? Would you like Sony to continue this style of announcing hardware with long, technical seminars?

Or should they try the Microsoft approach?

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