Story-driven Japanese games that are not JRPG's

I'm looking to spice up my video game collection with some really good story-heavy Japanese titles. I've done a decent amount of research online but I'm frankly a bit overwhelmed. Polygon is my go to gaming website these days and I've noticed a lot of community members appear to have extensive knowledge of Japanese video games (or at least FAR more knowledge than I could ever hope to obtain based on internet research alone). So, I'm throwing myself at the mercy of you fine folks at Polygon to offer up some suggestions. Here's what I'm (not) looking for: First, I just can't seem to get into JRPG's. I've definitely tried, but there's something about the combat systems that just never really clicked for me. I picked up Persona 4 Golden on Vita a few months ago because of all the positive reviews/comments and I was really hoping that would be my gateway Japanese game. I loved the setting, characters, story, and just the general aesthetic of the game. Unfortunately, I hit a wall when the combat and role-playing systems became a little too complex for me. I understand and appreciate the appeal of customising characters, fuzing personas, etc. but I just don't have the time to dedicate to learning these systems like I used to. I also tried Ni No Kuni because I love most of the Studio Ghibli films, but just couldn't get into the grind-heavy combat mechanics, even though I loved the setting. Also, I just tried out the Soul Sacrifice demo today. While the gameplay was a little more fun for me, tending to be more action-oriented than turn-based, it had a very Monster Hunter feel to it, which I doubt will keep me hooked for very long. I did, however, enjoy reading about the lore of the monsters and locations, and the story seemed promising. I generally like the story, setting, and overall Japanese/Eastern aesthetic of these games. Ideally, I'm looking for a story-heavy game with a fully fleshed out world and interesting characters. I don't mind reading a ton of text. I'd prefer Japanese language with English subtitles, although that's not as important. I'd also prefer more action oriented combat mechanics with a VERY light, minimally complex role-playing system, if any. As for game systems, I own a PS3, Vita, and 360. Because I have little experience in this area, the games can be as old or as new as you want. Hopefully this is enough information to inform some decent suggestions. Thanks in advance for your help! Also, sorry for the lack of paragraph spacing in this post. I'm using an older version of internet explorer on my work computer and for some reason the paragraph spacing is not coming out right.

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