Problem with PS3's output

Hi everyone,

There's been something bugging me with my setup ever since I got it a little over a year ago and I've never found a solution on the web so I figured I'd ask myself. Hoping you guys might know!

Basically, I've got my PS3's video hooked onto a Samsung plasma 720p TV (model: PN43D450) via HDMI. When the TV's aspect ratio is set to Screen Fit (for 1:1 pixel mapping), the entirety of the last column of pixels on the right-hand side remain black no matter what happens on screen. When I set the TV's aspect ration to 16:9, with the over scan, those pixels become "active". So this confirms that they are not "dead".

Next, when I use the TV's Screen Scroll feature (to remove image burn-in, where a black bar scrolls across the screen fading into white continuously), the pixels on the last right column are used, even in Screen Fit. This confirms that the problem lies with the input, being the PS3.

I've fiddled with the PS3's video and display settings but nothing has solved the problem. My last guess would be the HDMI cable...

What do you guys/girls think?


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