So, which launch day games are you all getting?

It was all so easy for me before with Watchdogs leading the charge. But with that sadly out of the picture, and promising Drive Club also being shifted to next year...we aren't left with much games for the PS4 at launch day. So, I ask you, which game or games are you all getting during launch day? Why? So in this way we can discuss and perhaps make it easier for people to choose between the limited launch titles.

I'll go first. For me it was Watchdogs all the way, it felt truly next-gen of all the games that were supposed to launch. However, with that game delayed, I was extremely sad and worried what to play on my brand new PS4. At first I thought of BF4, I always liked BF series and with better visuals and finally 64 players on the consoles felt great. However, I grew tired of military shooters and I really needed a break from that. So, this is when I switched to Killzone: Shadow Fall. I never played the original KZ game, however I loved KZ 2. The weighty controls and tactical gameplay felt different and great, the weapons felt raw and as if it packed quite a punch. The SP was good, but the multiplayer felt great. However, with the third game, I felt the series went into more faster paced, 'kill-streak' direction. They reduced the player count and it became more run and gun shooter in the veins of that military shooter everyone keeps buying every year for some reasons. I didn't like it. Hopefully KZ: Shadow fall will be more like 2 and will be more tactical and instead of mimicking that series, it will stick to it's signature gameplay.

Bonus points: Looks gorgeous and Free Multiplayer DLC maps!

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