PS4 No capture audio or video with HDMI? Share button does not lead to Youtube?

Ok so i heard something about you wont be able to capture audio or video with HDMI. (just like in PS3.) But the PS3 had a component out but the PS4 dosnt have one. now i know why they have that, HDCP is designed to protect the Blu-ray from being copied. So i was hoping the "share" button on the PS4 controller would let me go to Youtube and let me share it that way but then i heard that it wont. Only the PSN, Facebook, Twitter, and Twitch. So now Im at a loss. idk what to do. I thought about using a HDCP stripper but is that illegal? I want to share on Youtube. I heard Mark Cerni on Jimmy Fallon say it was going to be on Youtube. But is that true? Playstation needs to let us share on Youtube. I mean thats where posting gameplay got started. Why are they making it so hard?

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