Anyone else with controller syncing issues on the PS4?

Gonna post about this in a few places, in case anyone has any ideas what to do besides take my system back to the store...

So, I picked up my PS4 at midnight, and after some initial controller syncing issues, I played a few hours of PS4 games. And it was great!

Except now the controller syncing issues are back. And they won't connect to the system at all. Even after I factory reset both the controllers and the console. And now I can't even get past the initial "welcome" screen because the console won't talk to the controllers at ALL. I suppose it's possible both controllers are fault, but unfortunately, I suspect there's something wrong with the console's Bluetooth chip.

Way to take my positive impressions and flush them down the fucking toilet, Sony. Ah, the never-ending joy of being an early adopter. Guess I'll head off to bed and figure out what to do about this when I wake up...

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