PS4 Comes to Life with Sabre

Rather than flood the Polygon Daily (seriously go there and join the fun too!), I'm creating a post here with my experience and impressions as I go. I got my PS4 delivered and it arrive a little before 9am Atlantic Time this morning. I had some errands to run, and am now starting it. Join me.

  • It is very light and small
  • There is a ton of ventilation out the back but I cannot hear anything, even if I put my ear up to it
  • There is a start up jingle noise; reminds me of the PS2 one but a bit classier/longer
  • The firmware 1.5 came preloaded but not installed. Weird and convenient. There was a Playstation-branded tape sealing the box, implying to me that Sony opened the box and did something at the last minute
  • - The console has that blue LED bar on the top. It "breathes" as the console is on, and seems to indicate when big network or loading processes are going on. It also seems to have a few shades of blue, so it could be an interesting way to give additional, subtle info to the user
  • The virtual keyboard has been updated. There are some common characters like @ that are on the main page now. Also, you can press R2 to accept (no more extra space character added), and you can enable motion controls for the cursor by pressing R3. That last bit is a bit wonky, but seems to be pretty accurate. I don't have the camera, but it behaves like it is seeing where I point the controller, rather than the kinda off DS3 or Wii controller
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