Battlefield 4 - Active Meet Up

Hello fellow Polynauts!

I know that there's currently a playstation 4 gaming group set up, but I thought I'd create a space for some active BF4 players on the PS4 to come together and play. I've tried to link up with a couple people from the gaming group to find that most didn't have mics, or were not really responding. I'd love to get some people together and get some good squad action going. My thanksgiving break is coming up, and I'll be out of class relishing my time with the PS4. I've been absolutely loving Battlefield 4, reminding me of my two favorite shooters of all time; CoD4 (the only good call of duty IMHO) and SOCOM 2 on the PS2. Please, anyone who loves to play and wants to link up, post below! My psn is LuckyStrike2824, feel free to friend request me!

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