New PlayStation = some reboots = new wish list

I wasn't surprised that many of the PS3 franchises like Killzone and infamous looked much better on the PS4, however, I was surprised how different they looked and felt:

Case in point: Killzone: Shadow Fall. While Killzone series is known for Gritty, barren and at times very muted look. I was pleasantly surprised how lively, populated and colorful the game looked. Do you guys like this new direction? I think this new direction will pave the way to, hopefully, better story telling,more populated worlds filled with interesting characters instead of finding yourself in a barren battlefields all the time. Hopefully there will be more downtime when you can interact with characters instead of shooting all the time.


Killzone 2


Killzone 3

Also I really really hope they go back to tactical mulltiplayer roots of killzone 2 with large number of playcount instead of being much smaller and fast paced like Call of Duty is.


Infamous: Second Son

Then there is Infamous, which to me it felt like a complete total reboot. It gave me X-men vibe to it with the government tracking down conduits and splitting nation against each other, almost like the world is in the brink of a civil war. It felt much darker and had a mature tone in comparison to the comic book like world the original had. I for one, like this opposite direction of the series and I think it should work very well for the franchise.

What do you guys think? Any specific wish list you all have in your mind?

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