PS4, Where is your new Home?


PlayStation Home, while many think irrelevant and waste of time, is a decent success in my opinion. If you visit Home now, or even few years ago, you would see abundance of people with their avatars having fun playing a lot of the cool ingames and just chilling. I was amazed the amount of money people used to spend on home, even I was addicted at one point and as I got tangled into PS home through a group of friends I made there.

With that being said, one of the reasons where I felt Home got it wrong was how disjointed it was from the other areas of the system, like the XMB. It felt Home was a closed program, and felt nothing came in or out of that home ecosystem and because of this had nothing to do with other functions of the PS3. If Home version 2 does return in PS4, no reason why it shouldn't, I hope they integrate it with the core system instead of feeling disjointed with the rest of the system, it is important more than ever with Sony's major pillar for PS4 being Social and Connected,

What are your opinions on PS Home, where do you think they got it wrong but can build upon?

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