Developer might be hinting on some aspects of Killzone: Shadowfall

Game Informer ran an interview asking some of the Sony first party studios of their reactions to the PS4. Here is an interesting section from the creators of Killzone, who will be launching Killzone: Shadow Fall alongside the PS4.

In general, what kinds of things will the new console allow you to do as a game designer that you couldn't do on the last generation of systems?

Even though core game experiences can be created on all sorts of platforms, being able to bring to life fantasy worlds that feel alive and respond to you is fantastic and adds a dimension to the gameplay. Creating this isn't new in and of itself, but the amount of things we're able to do and the fidelity we're able to do this at is. We can push the boundaries just a little bit further, creating more immersion and a richer experience overall.

For the first time we have been able to create a vibrant world where you will encounter and interact with civilian life, offer more player mechanics to deal with different situations and do all of this at a higher fidelity than we've been able to do before, while keeping pretty much everything we had in terms of combat experience. Thanks to this, Killzone: Shadow Fall will offer new gameplay opportunities in a compelling setting.

On top of that, because the platform is easier to develop for, we can bring more talent onto the platform to create new and exciting ideas and content.

From the sound of it, you can interact with the civilians and in general do other stuff instead of combat high all the time. I am thinking something like Deus Ex?


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