Possible PSN+ and XBL Gold future.

I'll try and keep this short.

The way the Xbox 360 handles it's online is a bit weird. A lot of things are locked behind a wall due to their "premium" nature. Sony does not do that. I keep reading people saying Sony is going to lock a bunch of stuff behind a paywall. I don't know. The way Microsoft handles it doesn't make sense, to me. Especially going into the "next generation".

Having to pay for one big subscription and then pay for a bunch of little subscriptions is a little weird. Why not collapse the smaller subs into the bigger subscription and have several tiers that cater to what people want?

So, instead of paying for XBL Gold and then going to pay for Netflix and Spotify, I pick the option to get the XBL Gold option that covers me on everything. I end up paying more than what it is now, but it takes some of the hassle out of it. The more I want, the bigger the base fee is and I'm covered. Am I crazy, or does this make sense? Because going forward I don't see the sense in doing the exact same thing you're doing now and it makes even less sense for Sony to follow suit unless they have an idea, like, this. I mean, Sony is giving you a lot of stuff with PSN+ and to, if you want it, collapse a bunch of other things into it makes it even more enticing. A one stop shop that leaves you covered. Could end up being cheaper in the long run, too. Who knows?

Cool? Or am I dumb?

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