The Anti-Social Console Generation


Remember these guys? More specifically the little area labeled 'Memory Card Holder'?

Game sharing was a big part of the console generation that I grow up with. We were always going to each other's houses to share games, game saves, or even just to show off the team you had created in ProEvo or your Smackdown custom wrestler. Without this interaction and sharing I wouldn't be friends with the people I am today, so it is kinda sad that this generation is officially over.

The Playstation 4 (and Xbox One) is touting that you will always be connected and the ability share your experiences, virtually, with your friends. But with the boom in the 'cloud' and online, next generation consoles seem to have completely neglected ACTUAL social interaction - two or more friends meeting up, games in hand, to share experiences. I don't generally buy sports games, but when a friend brings around the newest Madden we have an epic multiplayer match while catching up and spitting the shit on life. That is what gaming has always been about - sharing experiences. Posting a youtube clip of your gaming reply is not 'sharing experiences' - it is you sharing your experience.

With all these bariers that look to be put in place in the next-gernation of consoles, I don't think this type of interaction will happen anymore, which is a shame. The game sharing generation is what made the Playstation how popular it is today, so to move away from this completely will be very sad.

What's everyones thoughts on how the next-generation of consoles are moving when it comes social interaction?

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