Playing PS3 games on the PS4

Hi, I'd very much appreciate if you could give me your best educated guesses on the following question..

I've owned and played most my games on an xbox360 this generation, waiting to purchase a PS3 down the line with a pile of exclusives. Now however, with the PS4 coming out soon, I'd prefer to only buy that and hopefully enjoy special treats like Journey and The Last of Us either immediately if possible or relatively soon after owning one.

I'm not really interested in using the Gaikai solution for this, plus who knows when that will be available.. So, I'm wondering how likely it will be that you can download such jewels in Sony's crown on the psn store for PS4. How much effort do you think it would cost Sony to make these titels compatible with the new hardware and how likely do you think this will happen? I'd download these and others I've missed day 1 of purchase if it were possible.

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