Does anyone else's NBA 2K14 audio cut out?

I've been enjoying my PS4 since getting it a few weeks ago. KNACK, COD and TR:DE were my first three games and yesterday I picked up NBA 2K14 that I've been so looking forward to.

To my disappointment I noticed right away that during match gameplay audio keeps cutting out for a second, this happens sometimes 2-3 times a minute while other times it would do it maybe 6 times during the whole match.

Upon searching online for a solution, I came across dozens of posts on PS and 2K support forums highlighting the same issue but no working fix yet found.

I've got an open ticket with 2K on the issue waiting to hear back but I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this and if there's any fixes or workarounds. As it stands it's a very annoying bug that's taken the enjoyment right out of the game.

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