Returning My XboxOne & Swapping Out To A PS4!

I think I've made the decision to return my XboxOne and swap out to a PS4 this coming Monday at my local GameStop. After I thought about it, Sony just has way more Intellectual Property (IPs) compared to Microsoft's fixation on Halo and Gears. Plus, my library currently checks out most E and Teen rated titles and Sony seems to favor these with games like Uncharted and Infamous (both Teen). Thus, I will be getting WAY more for my money by investing in Sony's console vs Microsoft. I will be able to check out most of Sony's titles for free.

I'm just really looking forward to playing The Last of Us: Remastered again as I rented the PS3 version last gen only playing through the campaign once. I think I'll actually pay for this version considering it comes with all the DLC. I never gave Halo a try but I don't think I'm missing much...maybe down the line I'll also get an Xbox but for now Sony will have to do!

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