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Howdy Poly-pardners! I reckon it's high-time we donned our sombreros, grabbed a donkey, and rode off together into the sunset one last time. Or multiple times if this works out.

We will likely just make a private free-roam match and mess around with gang hideouts, hunting, wagon adventures, knife jousting, or anything else you so desire. Since posse size is limited to 8 (as is party chat) we may have to have a couple posses going on depending on turnout, but all of us should be able to fit in one free roam session. We will be playing on the 360, so of course XBL gold (or a trial) is required to join us.

I intend to kick things off at around 3pm EST (8pm GMT) on Sunday March the 3rd (so next Sunday) which should give most people an opportunity to play. We're going to leave it very open-ended, so whether your thing is competitive matches or messing around in the sandbox, we should be able to please.

If you haven't already, toss me a request to make sure you get an invite on the big day and so we can all have a hog-killin' time.

Actual hogs may or may not be killed

Also: some free DLC you should get to make sure we don't have any compatibility problems (and because >free content).

Outlaws to the End co-op missions pack

Myths and Mavericks Bonus Pack

Don't worry about the other paid DLC.

I look forward to seeing you all there. So at least someone show up. pls

This event is, as always, brought to you by our partners at Pizza Hutâ„¢, Introducing new Big Pizza Sliders; Changing the way you eat Pizza.... Foreverâ„¢

EDIT: I'm thinking of organizing a walk across Red Dead (Blackwater

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