Played an hour and a half of this today. I'm glad I bought it, despite the reviews.

It's really neat. The biggest thing I think it has going for it is its setting. The world design of the game is well-realized, and I personally find it immensely fascinating. Similar to Bioshock Infinite, I found myself fine with just walking through areas, constantly looking around, soaking up what the world had to offer. I love it. Augmented reality seems to be a huge thing in Neo Paris, and I got a little bit excited when I noticed for example street signs were gone in favor of AR tooltips that would pop up as you approached forks and crosswalks, or ordinary walls in apartments that would have the date and weather overlays. The visual direction in this game is extremely strong, and I think it's easy to see that a lot of the game's development resources were devoted to it.

So far, the combat is fun. I was expecting it to be more like Arkham City, but in general you attack using specific combos that you build yourself. Each hit in a combo is called a pressen, and each pressen has an attribute assigned to it. Power pressens do extra damage, Regen pressens heal you, and Countdown pressens help you use S-pressens (special abilities that you can activate to make yourself much more powerful) more often. So far the combat is fairly simplistic, but as you gain more pressens I can see how it might open up. And they managed to make finishing moves look cruel without showing any blood and guts. Seeing the digital representation of a dude's thoughts and memories explode out the front of his head is more brutal than you might think.

Finally, the memory remixing sequences are awesome; they remind me of Ghost Trick, in that they seem to involve inserting you into a situation as an observer, and giving you the tools to manipulate certain variables in that situation as it plays out. Basically, you jack into a person's memory of a specific event, and to make them remember it differently (hopefully in a way that helps you) you alter the memory by forcefully changing certain details. Imagine taking a single scene out of a movie, and constantly rewinding and fast forwarding through that scene, maybe knocking over a book at one point, or turning a switch at another point, and seeing how your changes affect the way the scene plays out.

The game has a few rough points (the controls aren't as tight as they should be, and the camera goes crazy occasionally), but I'm really enjoying it so far. What do you guys think?

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