Volition, Inc. is still the developer of this, right?

Alright so, reading a bit of the news on the acquisition of Volition, Inc. and the Saints Row IP by Koch Media, headlines in the news suggest that Deep Silver will be the new developer of the Saints Row IP. I think there might have been a bit of a language gap. Deep Silver is not a development studio, they are the just the publishing house for Koch Media, but their language has been a bit weird about the acquisition.

Has anybody heard anything of Volition, Inc. dissolving or being worked into Deep Silver, and in turn the Deep Silver name being the future developer on the franchise? I really don't think this will actually occur, but I only point it out because the language from Koch Media has been super weird, and I'd hate for progenitors of the franchise to all of sudden not be involved with it.

More or less just trying to deny my unfounded extreme paranoia that Koch/DS will get their mits all over Volition, Inc. I'd like them to be able to finish up development on the next title and not try to be taken over, so to speak.

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