Calling all Polynauts: Tera needs you!


A few days ago, I decided to give Tera: Rising a shot. It recently became free to play and has been highly recommended by several sources, particularly Jeff Cannata, Alex Albrecht and Danny Trachtenberg on the dearly departed Totally Rad Show, for its attractive graphics and fluid combat.

I started a High Elf Archer and have played several hours so far, and I think they are right, especially for the combat. Using a combination of abilities mapped to the controller face buttons and triggers is a big step up in making combat more interesting than watching cooldowns and hitting number keys, plus some of the abilities combo together in fun ways to The controller support is pretty good when fighting/navigating, but a mouse and keyboard to handle chat/inventory is a good idea, as controller inputs for those actions is still cumbersome.

There are some elements that I don't care for so far. One of those falls back to a common MMORPG issue: quests so far are very much the kill X monsters/collect Y baubles/defeat boss Z. These might be expanded upon in future quests, I'll have to wait in see. Another is the typically somewhat toxic community as far as chat goes, but that can be ameliorated by a guild/in game friends.

The only other issue I have with the game is some of the artwork with regards to the female characters in the game. I chose a high elf archer because I had designs on my character being something like Zelda, using the bow and light arrows as she did in Wind Waker or Twilight Princess. But within after the first few hours, my character looks pretty close to this:


Could I get some pants, please? I know the starting zone is a temperate climate, but it is ridiculous that I don't seem to have the option to purchase some trousers, at least so far. Other character races are similarly clad, and it makes Tera something I wouldn't want to play with my mother in the room, if you catch my meaning.

Overall, I find the game to be very fun so far, and I bet it would be even more enjoyable if I had some Polynauts join me in the fight. I'm on the Ascension Valley server, my archer's name is Argentanna, and would be glad to play with anyone who decides to give it a shot.

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