The Last of Us Graphics?!

I just popped in The Last of Us the other day and boy was I wowed!!! This feels like it turned my PS3 into a PS4 just by putting the game in. Are there even any other games out for either console that can amaze with this level of graphical fidelity?? More specifically, does Microsoft's Xbox 360 have ANY exclusive games that push that console to it's limits? I haven't played any. Even Crysis 3 can't touch The Last of Us, and that's not an exclusive.

After playing The Last of Us it SEEMS Sony is the winner as so far as quality of games are concerned. Ni No Kuni and The Last of Us are in the top tiers of games for me. I can't say I've played anything on Microsoft's platform that even impresses me. For example, I played BioShock Infinite on the 360 and the textures were just HORRIBLE. I had to turn off that game it was so bad graphically.

Next for me is The Lost Odyssey. It took awhile for me to even find this Xbox exclusive because to be honest, the only games that I'm aware of for Microsoft's platform are Halo and Gears. Neither has the level of class as The Last of Us! I haven't played Halo 4 though so I probably shouldn't judge yet...

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