New game+ & Boss Battles

Really loving TLOU. I think the hand drawn textures / graphics coupled with the level design make this game a masterpiece. I did have a question though...

What does New Game + entail? Do you have access to all your upgrades and even health improvements from the game's start? Also, what do people think of the Bloater encounters? This was the only really difficult part of the game to me but I am only about halfway through. Are there more boss battles that prove even harder as the game progresses?

How many players ran like hell during the second encounter with the Bloater underground when the elevator falls. This is the level where you have to start a generator and use a key card. I'm just wondering if this level is easier in new game + when you have access to all your upgrades.

I am currently playing on hard with no listen mode. Hopefully I can get through the game without hiccups and get the trophy!

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