TWD Disc Version - Lag Issues

"Dear Techee44,

Merry Christmas from your new friends at TellTale Games! We know you've been wanting to play The Walking Dead for some time now, and we've happily obliged by giving you a disc copy for the holidays! Beware though, as the disc copy is completely shitastic and lags harder than a 20 year old computer trying to run Crysis! Enjoy the unplayable "TWD"-themed coaster!


Your "friends" at TellTale Games"

I might as well have gotten this letter in my stocking this morning. I'm pretty angry at TellTale right now, as it sounds like this is a known issue (and has been for several weeks) and nothing has been done about it. Considering returning the disc to Amazon and getting my $30 to spend on something else.

Sigh. Bah Humbug.

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