I love Titanfall! <3

So I got to play two rounds of Titanfall at EA's press booth (it's exactly the same build the public got to play, just that press people got to play two rounds instead of one) and oh my, the game is incredible. Now, I had really high expectations for it because of all the awards it had been gaining and how awesome it looked, but at the same time I found it difficult to visualise what kind of game it had to be to be as fun as Halo or Battlefield while at the same time offering a new experience. Thankfully, that last bit of scepticism was quashed as soon as I got handed my controller and with what was basically my very first move, started running up a wall and then jumping through the street canyons of Angel City. I find it really hard to put it into words how good the gameplay feels, but the sense of freedom you get, which is unlike any other FPS I've ever played, coupled with perfect and very responsible controls really create a special experience.

I think the one thing I like the most about Titanfall is how you can imagine really cool things to do...and then just execute them! Like you see a weakened Titan trying to escape from you by dashing into a side road and you can immediately form a plan: jump on this wall, run along and then switch to the opposite wall, enter a window on the second floor, run up to the roof and ambush the Titan from the skies. And doing all of this is just so incredibly easy and just so very fluid that it makes you addicted because no other game in the genre has this kind of flow. The controls work perfectly, you don't get frustrated because there is something you want to do but can't, and no matter the situation, you always feel in power. Facing a Titan as a pilot, you might feel disadvantaged, but if you really utilise your speed, you can still show him who's boss. And at the same time, wreaking havoc on popcorn and computer enemies in a two story tall Titan while dashing along streets is just so much fun that I find it difficult to say which one I enjoyed more. The raw power of the Titans (together with the mobility they offer, which was really something I did not expect) or the way you can truly make use of the whole map across all three dimensions when you are on-foot as a pilot.

Gamescom had many highlights for me, like The Witcher 3 (and they gave us press guys a nifty 1500 piece puzzle, too!) and Battlefield 4 (which is just more of the same, but prettier. But Battlfield 3 was already such a good experience that more of the same is a very good thing!) but in my opinion, nothing measures up to Titanfall because Titanfall was the only game that really felt next-gen to me, that gave me the kind of experience I didn't have on current consoles before. If there is any sort of bigger gaming event nearby where you live, and EA is coming, you should definitely check out Titanfall. This game might fully justify the hype it's getting and then some!

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