The Division PC Version Confirmed!

I saw this article last night:

So any Polynauts out there excited by this?

I personally am, and it's nice to know the PC port should be pretty solid since the studio has had experience making PC games. I'm curious to see what the specs will be like for a game like that, when the consoles are about the equivalent of a gtx 660ti in graphical power.

Update: Alright, well I missed the news story among the flood of Gamescom news here, which is still rare for me, so I'll add something else to this.

Who here thinks Ubisoft performed a clever marketing strategy, where they already were building a PC version, but to gather more interest in it, asked PC gamers if they wanted a PC version of the game? I'm on the side that thinks this was planned, and they just came out with some fat goodwill for doing it.

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