Vita's first 7 months in retrospect...

Looking back on the first 7 months of the Vita's launch, a few things have become apparent.

1. Sony did not have the best marketing campaign behind it. I thing it was released too close to the New Year, so consumers didn't have enough time to ready for a big product launch. I think delaying it another month would have been a wise choice.

2. The amount of launch games was fantastic, but it seemed to trouble the Vita's lifecycle from April-August. Sure, there were a few games rolling out every so often, but nothing to keep the public's interest. Talk on the internet devolved into Vita hating and doom and gloom.

3. More of Sony's first party studios should have been working on games. Don't get me wrong, Sony Bend and Sony Liverpool did fantastic jobs with Uncharted and WipEout, but I feel like the device would have been better with a Naughty Dog or a Sucker Punch game within the first few months.

4. Sony does not have that "must-have" game so far. I think it was a big mistake to launch without something like God of War in the near future. Though some people may argue that Uncharted is the flagship franchise, God of War probably sold more PSPs in America than any other game. Also, not having Monster Hunter in Japan has been a huge mistake.

What do you guys think? 7 months on, what could Sony have done better to make the launch more successful? Do you think they've turned the corner? What do you think about the future of the handheld?

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