Travel Bug on Vita. It's free-tastic!

So, dudes and dude-ettes, I've been fiddling with this wonderful free app called Travel Bug on the Vita. Basically, hatch a bug, and send it (via Near) around the world! You use Near to hunt for them, as a Game Good, and bugs you send earn bugmiles for their journeys. It's pretty silly, and you can send pics with them too, like postcard (I think).

This is my bug, Bumbug, checking out the Christmas tree at home


And this is Slink, who I found today on Near, bro-ing it up with my tea mug.


Altogether, I have to say it's pretty silly. How bout some of you Vertex Vita-nauts get Buggin' and see if we can send our bugs around the world together! If you want to add me, I'm PaddyStardust, same as here. I look forward to seeing your bugs, and keep your eye out for Bumbug!

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