PlayStation Vita - Share your 'Wishlist' for improving the Vita in 2013

Video review via The Verge.

Right, I don't own a PS Vita. Let me get that out of the way because I really want one (that screen for starters), and if there are reasons that I haven't bitten the bullet yet, its for the following:

Cost: Still a bit expensive for a vanilla handheld against the lower priced 3DS (£219.99 vs £139.99 at Game), and for some reason they're selling it with BLOPS2 for £189.99 as an unadvertised offer. Whilst it's still cheaper than buying the handheld solo, you get a copy of the terribly received game Black Ops Declassified to trade in which sweetens the deal a little more if you're looking a better game to play. If they could shave another £30 from the price to £159.99 it would hit the sweet spot for me. Maybe around E3 2013 this will come to fruition with the announcement of a hardware revision that reduces cost?

More PSN digital exclusives: This is something that works on Xbox 360 more so than the PS3, and whilst I know that's a console, and thus a different experience, it intelligently made the case for having games available exclusively as digital releases that are usually seen as a risky proposition for retail. Good examples of this would be Shadow Complex, and Dust: An Elysian Tale; games which would likely struggle to stand out from the Call of Duty's, Metroid and Mario's of the retail world.

I do realise that you can buy classic PS1 games to play on your Vita as a digital exclusive, as in games not available in retail and even PS Minis, but we're talking about platform specific exclusives that are designed around the PS Vita hardware features such as the touch pad. Give me a dedicated digital assault on Vita PSN exclusive games and I'll be more than happy to pay the price.

Follow through on promises: The one game that had he sold on the Vita wasn't even a new title, it was a HD "remaster" (though touted as a remake upon the news hitting outlets). Where is Final Fantasy X HD? This isn't a Sony thing, more another instance where Square announce something years in advance (TGS 2011 - we'll soon be into 2013) and still there's never been a single screen shown. We're told that not many third parties are actively developing for Vita, but why not? Where are the games? Services like Skype are well and good, but if you treat your primary handheld as a device for sidestories, and yearly instalments then Vita will struggle a heck of a ton more than the PSP did. Why? There's simply more competition out there with the iPad (and Mini) from Apple, and a ton of Android based vendors like Samsung.

It's a fair statement to say that Sony fudged up somewhat on the launch of Vita, with many of the same mistakes that Nintendo made with the 3DS. Some of those Nintendo eventually resolved by taking the hit directly such as pricing, and some they still have to make grounds on like: providing the games we want to play, friend codes, digital exclusives, a better Virtual Console selection - the list goes on.

But thats for another topic as this is about the Vita, and for me these are some of the main things which Sony, and third parties need to do to bring me into that platform in 2013.

What about you folks, if you're on the fence about Vita what are you looking to see by way of improvement? If you already own a Vita, what are you hoping to see in 2013? Sound off below.

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