PSVita has few games? Gimme a break.

Well hello, this is my first thread over here and I'm doing it because I'm seeing the level of discussion and thought exchange that goes on over here is unprecedented when talking about games forums.

Anyway, I want to dispel that notion that the PSVita has no good games on its library. I'll agree that, as good as the handheld is -and it's REALLY good IMHO-, it has it fair share of problems, like the high price of the memory cards and of the console itself.

But what really annoys me is that I'm reading time and time again that there are no good games to play and that the few that are available are so-so. It's correct to say that what were arguably the most expected games on the machine were not as good as everybody hoped it would be (namely, AC3: Liberation and COD BLOPS Declassified), but there are a lot of really great games available, certainly more so than on its direct competition.

Gravity Rush, LBP Vita, Persona 4 Golden, Uncharted Golden Abyss, Wipeout and that's all off the top of my head.. and a lot of them are even available for free if you have a Plus membership.

I know this might sound like a Sony ad, but it's not, it's just something I had to get off my chest.

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