Vita Memory Card and Case Advice

I am taking the Vita plunge and am looking at the "extras" that aren't really extra because they will impact the feel of the handheld greatly.

The Case

The Memory Card

Firstly, for the memory card, I will get no smaller than the 16GB one. I know 8 and under will fill up immediately. I want the ability to keep a few favorite games on it. Not necessarily my whole game collection, but a good selection of digital games (especially with the amount of free games being pushed by PS+ that list can get big quickly).I have done some decent reading on the game sizes, and really lean toward the 32GB one, but man that is another $100 to drop. But it seems like the best investment long term. So how about you guys with your actual usage? Any tips, tricks, or advice?

Then there is the case. I can say that unless somebody says something totally revolutionary, I will not get the Sony case. I think it is near worthless. I sort of like their carrying case bag, I can imagine carrying the Vita and the charge accessories in the bag and then simply pulling out the handheld to play. But the bag seems a bit big, which may or may not be an issue considering the thing isn't really pocket worthy in the first place.

So this is where I need the biggest advice. Do you use a case at all? Which one? How do you transport it when you go? etc...

Thanks in advance guys!

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