It's only an ocean.

For a while I started to believe that there was no future for handheld video games. For a while I started to believe all of the iPad and Galaxy Note users. To me, the vita finally makes sense.

One of my best friends is going to be studying in Japan for the entire school year (we're American) and as the summer passed we realized that phone calls were not reasonable. He couldn't take his PS3 and digital services can be a little funky with regional things. Yes, he has a port through his university but that just leaves him with a MacBook. Not the pinnacle of gaming.

So we hatched a plan to buy a couple of Japanese Vitas as soon as he headed over there and he would mail me one back. This was before the most recent price drop on the US model but I still want a Japanese model. Thanks for the continued region free support Sony!

Anyways, I just thought you guys might want to hear the somewhat unusual reason I'm picking up a Vita this fall.

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