Help me decide on the Vita over the 3DS

So I'm preparing to move to Australia and I'm debating on whether I should even get a portable gaming console, and if so which one? I have a five year old who currently plays my PS3 and uses an iPad who would also use whatever device I get.

Now if I get a hand held system the question becomes Vita or 2DS? (I say 2DS because I don't want the 3D) I prefer strategy games and tactical RPGs plus the occasional JRPG. Both systems seem to have good libraries in that regard.

Vita: Persona 4 Golden, Valkyria Chronicles (Loved 1 on my PS3), Disgea, and Dynasty Warriors (well hopefully something other than NEXT)

2DS: Pokemon (I'll admit to liking it), Bravely Defaults sounds good, Fire Emblem, and Monster Hunter.

How do I choose? As the Vita gamers I'd love for you guys to weigh in and tell me why I should get a Vita. And if so should I get the original with OLED or wait for the slim new release. (Though why no colors other than black in America! ARGH!)

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