Wasteland 2 General Hype Thread

That's right kids, it's the Wasteland 2 General Hype Thread where you are about to get generally hyped for Wasteland 2. What's there to get hyped for? Well, watch the above video of some tearinducingly beautiful gameplay footage. Okay, so it's 17 minutes, so maybe you want a quick rundown. It's like Fallout but made now, kind of...

Wasteland 2 is a sequel to the game that Fallout was a spiritual sequel to. There are rangers, a post-apocalyptic wasteland, dialogue choices (Kind of), walls of text, and turn-based tactical combat. There's probably some asplorin' and surviving too. I don't know yet, I HAVEN'T PLAYED IT OKAY!

So anyway, this game is being made by designers of the original Fallout games.Brian Forgo is leading the project, Chris Avellone is writing, and there are plenty of other people I'm too lazy to Google. Point is, it's sort of a dream team project for turn-based tactical role-playing games. And this is the general hype thread for it...

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