Let's talk about...Zombie U


Let's talk about Zombie U

So, like many others, I have been debating if I should be interested in this game or not.
It's not the concept that makes me question things, who doesn't love zombies and perma-death? Rather, I have absolutely no idea what this game is actually about. I've read the coverage and watched the demos but nothing so far has given me a good idea of how all of those mechanics will be tied together to form a hopefully compelling experience. Is there a plot other than the newspaper articles scattered through the environments? Is it entirely linear? Character customisation? Beyond those questions I'm keen to read some of your thoughts on this game, anything from the graphics (which have so far ranged from gorgeous to underwhelming) to the Gamepad integration (Did I read somewhere that you need to swing the pad to swing melee weapons?). Anyway, talk amongst yourselves if you'd like.


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