Our Miis are lonely, so let's share our Nintendo IDs

Now that we all have our Wii U's and I'm sure I'm not the only one with an empty friends list, let's get together and "fix" this. Just post your ID if you want so we can follow or request each other.

he idea of people being able to follow someone without them actually used up a friend in your list is quite interesting. It'll at least help the Wii U feel a little less empty and lonely. Right now my plaza is just filled with Nintendo Miis trying to tell me how cool the Wii U is.

Edit: Also a quick tip. Send the friend request through the profiles in Miiverse. If you register a friend in the friendlist section, it works like friend codes used to, requiring both parties to register each other. It'll be a hidden request only you can see, unlike the Miiverse which its a 30 day expiring request which works like any other online user system.

It'd also be pretty great if you added a message to your friend request so we know you're from Polygon.

Nintendo ID : BlatantNinja23

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