Why don't you have a Wii U yet?

If you are like me, you hope to one day own a Wii U. But for reasons other than not being able to find one, you don't own one yet. My question is why?

Is it the lack of money, lack of games, lack of time, something else?

For me, it's a mix of a few factors. The main one is that it's just too early. I think the price point is reasonable, and that Nintendo Land and New Super Mario Bros U look fun, but I can't trust the first run of models. Consoles break, and they can be very annoying to replace. Remember the system that started the previous generation? Yeah, good luck finding a day one (Or even year one for that matter) 360 kicking around today. I don't want to risk buying a faulty console before all of the little kinks are worked out. Even my Wii which I bought in March 2007 is a bit of a piece of junk. You can hear the machine struggle as it loads.

The two other big reasons I'm holding out on the Wii U are games, and time. With school, friends, and other hobbies, I don't have the time to invest in a new console. I have so much from the past few years I still need to complete. If I get a Wii U, it would probably just be neglected. As for the games, Mario and Nintendo Land look great, and I'm sure I'd love them, but there's nothing else. All of the other games which have been ported to the Wii U are just more expensive versions of a game I can get on 360 / PS3. Where these games are sort of the "first wave", developers haven't necessarily figured out how to take advantage of the Wii U's hardware. I'm sure one day the Wii U version of 360/PS3/Wii U releases will be the best version, but just not yet.

So when will I get a Wii U? Perhaps this Summer. Maybe not even until next Christmas though. How about you?

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