Wii U Apps (thoughts?)

How have everyone's experiences been so far?

I have a few complaints but they've been serviceable thus far besides the youtube app. I like the designs and layouts for most but the interfacing is where my problems start. I don't know about you guys by I'm disappointed with the UI in most of the apps for the Wii U. It seems like they dropped the ball at every chance they had to make the experience more unique. I was expecting an experience with some IMDB sort of functionality in my hand and some sort of browsing ability to queue up another video. What I got was mostly just the ability to scrub videos with the gamepad. The Youtube app is especially disappointing. I'm pretty sure the second screen just says Youtube the whole time, unless of course your typing. While your typing the keyboard only takes up the bottom half of the screen and for some reason forces you to look up to make sure there's no typos which I have to do a lot now because the syncing my account essentially did nothing. The subscriptions I have, including Polygon and the Verge just say they have no videos available. I can still search and find the videos from all my subscriptions but that's more work than it has to be. Hopefully there are significant improvements to the experiences because right now instead of using it as my entertainment hub, when i finish Mario I turn off the Wii U and watch Youtube on Xbox. Say what you will about that app, but at least it shows my subscriptions. Just sharing thoughts< / endwordwall >

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