Appreciating some details.

In a few days I'm going to post a little write up of why I'm riding the Wii U wave for several months before purchasing a PS4 or One, but a small sample of this is in the details.

I called up Family Video and asked them if they had Black Flag for the Wii U in. They said they don't carry it. Disappointing but understandable. So I waited a few days and took in some reviews and decided that it's a game I want to own. So I popped over to Best Buy to pick it up yesterday.

First thing when I stick the disc in the drive it begins to prepare an update. OK, cool. I notice the update is quite large and my friend is watching me play so we are both waiting. On PS3 and 360 I'd be stuck watching the download screen while it updates. On Wii U there is a little button that says "start software" or something similar enough. So I click it. The game starts and I play through the tutorial and the first part of the level.

note: We have 18Mbps internet from UVerse but I have two roommates, one was watching a video online (or something) and the other was downloading a DLC pack for Skyrim on his Xbox. I didn't have full priority.

So I play some game, post a picture to MiiVerse which still works and check my download queue. The software update is basically finished. I dashboard the Wii U and start the software again. The update applies and I continue right where I left off but this time I was prompted to sign in to U Play and I did so. It turns out the update was 1023MB but I didn't have to watch a minute of it.

I really just thought it was nice that I could play the game and use non-game online features while downloading the update. This goes along with my recent satisfaction that I can output audio from my RCA cables with video thorugh HDMI now.

So maybe a little spark of discussion: What little features have you noticed that don't make the ads but make all the difference in the world?

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