I think Nintendo is a bit afraid of the console market

As the Wii U decends deeper into misery, the 3DS soars.

Nintendo is so hamstrung with the cost and pressure for developing for the console, that they become scared of using their less know brands. Wind Waker HD, new Zelda, Mario and Smash Bros. is cool, but i feel most gamers want more fresh titles right now. Like the 3DS is getting with Fire Emblem, Luig's Mansion etc...

I would LOVE a Luigi's Mansion or Fire Emblem title on the Wii U, for the sake of variation, or a F-Zero or Wave Race, 1080 Snowboarding or Pilotwings.

These names would supplement in a healthy way, it wouldent feel as predictable as the Wii U feels now. Nintendo as a company thrives within the handheld market, but i dont see them doing that in the console market unless they get new leadership. The Wii was a paradox, incredibly successful but a bust of a console in many ways, while on the DS they were wide open with the franchises they released, it's what made that machine so great.

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